4 Reasons To Integrate Acumatica and Salesforce With Commercient SYNC


The use of CRMs has become the norm in today’s business world. However, without an integration, it’s impossible to use the full capabilities of these systems. Salesforce is the CRM chosen by more than 100,000 companies around the world, and when integrated with ERPs such as Acumatica, it becomes an extremely powerful tool to increase a company’s efficiency and revenue. Why does Commercient’s SYNC integration platform for Acumatica and Salesforce work so well? Here are 4 reasons:

Enterprise CRM

A CRM is a useful resource to store basic information about customers, such as names, emails, phone, etc. With a tool such as Commercient SYNC, you’re able to connect your CRM to a more comprehensive sales system that helps you to work more effectively on current opportunities, or nurture leads from deals that weren’t closed. How? You can pick the accounting information you’d like to sync, and integrate it into a more intuitive comprehensive sales system: CPQs, quotes, opportunities…

A CRM helps you more than just to “keep track” of customers information. When all the data is part of a comprehensive sales system, you can take leads and customers interactions to the next level through automations, or integrations with additional apps or custom objects, to use the data to achieve strategic business goals.

Basic Connectors Cannot Support This System

A comprehensive sales system has many advantages, but if you only rely on a basic connector, the system will not be successful. Why? They don’t connect directly with APIs and don’t work well with automations. Besides, these connectors require building and maintaining systems over time, incurring  additional costs. These solutions can break, so these are other costs you need to consider with the basic connectors. In the long-run, it’s a very expensive solution.

On the other hand, Commercient SYNC is a self-supported, cost-effective solution that provides businesses with a better overview of key data. As it’s a licensed managed package, the updates are done automatically without requiring manual coding or mapping from end-users. Unlike basic connectors, this system provides a more reliable connection with APIs, which allows data transmission between systems and object matching.

Intuitive Object Matching

Commercient has an automated object matching function that matches everything for the customer. They decide which items they need to match, and the SYNC integration platform does that matching for them. This process is automatic, taking the complexity out of the customer’s hands. Mapping, coding or ETL… none of that is needed with Commercient SYNC for Acumatica and Salesforce.

Using Salesforce? We Have The Platform You Need

Can you imagine connecting Acumatica and Salesforce without the costs and frustrations of a traditional ETL tool? Without spending months, or even years, working on on projects that could cost thousands of dollars? Besides offering a better price and timeline, SYNC keeps your accounting system stable, making it “the master system.” This means there’s no need to switch to a different ERP system to see certain data, due to the impossibility to establish a proper connection between systems.


Since it’s now an Acumatica-Certified Application, SYNC for Acumatica and Salesforce is the only integration certified by both parties. This ensures your Acumatica and Salesforce integration is in expert hands; an end-to-end solution on Commercient’s Platform.

Questions? We’ll attend Acumatica Summit in Nashville, TN on January 28th. If you’re there, stop by at booth 262, or feel free to contact us today.