3 Tricks To Improve Sales Speed

Speed is one of the biggest pressures that companies face today – Sandra Bullock, keep the bus above 50 MPH type pressure. Business is expected to be immediate. The ability to rapidly adjust to market changes, interact with customers efficiently, and close deals quickly has become so vital to success many businesses are having to rethink the way they operate and put more emphasis on sales speed.

Consumers want what they want and they want it now. It’s a concept that has echoed throughout America since the invention of the microwave and buying on credit. But it’s a concept that has never been more prevalent in business than it is today.

Sales reps used to have the time to court customers, thoroughly negotiate terms, and drag out the sales process. Now, customers are in charge of the sales process; they know what they want long before they pick up the phone, and if your company can’t meet their needs quickly, they’ll move on faster than you can blink.

Improving your sales speed isn’t a matter of having unlimited resources or seeking outside help. In fact, the secret to improving sales speed begins with internal efficiency and putting these three tricks to good use.

How Do I Improve Sales Speed?

  • Understand what’s slowing you down. Think like a toddler. Constantly ask why? Constantly ask how this process can be improved or where deals get slowed down most often. Ask, “How can we improve efficiency?” Never stop looking for the best way to do things.
  • Give automation a chance. We touched on this subject in last week’s blog post, 4 Holiday Tips For Business Managers. Businesses are often weighed down by many more manual tasks than necessary. Automate the tasks and processes that can be automated to speed up operations and free up time to dedicate to what really matters: your customers.
  • Be available. Leading with speed and availability is often your best defense against the competition. If you can provide a full proposal in hours (yes, it’s possible) as opposed to days or weeks, you will give your potential customers the impression that you are efficient and responsive in all aspects of your business.

You’ll need the right tools to accomplish this though. If you’re ready to improve your sales speed, contact Commercient today. We’ll help you find the perfect software solutions to stuff into your sales reps stocking this holiday season for a fast and furious 2016 year in sales.