3 Signs You Should Invest In Commercient Sync2Pay

In the past, there was difficulty in securely accepting credit card payments within your ERP or CRM system. However, today apps like Commercient Sync2Pay have made it possible for you to take quick credit card payments in your CRM, ERP, or eCommerce system. And in this way, you can save time and money, reduce errors, and get a better view of your business. Not sure yet if you should integrate payment processing with your CRM, ERP, or eCommerce system? Here are three signs that you should invest in Sync2Pay.

Your Employees Are Entering and Monitoring Transactions From One Platform To Another

Without integrated payments, your employees have to manually enter data and sales figures into separate systems, and reconcile payments with accounting to track your business revenue. This can cause them to waste time with redundant data entry, and increase the likelihood of human error. And the process can get even more tedious and tiring as your business grows. Fortunately, by leveraging Commercient Sync2Pay and integrating payment processing, you can re-allocate time spent on re-entering data or re-verifying credit card information, to more value-adding activities.

You Want Better Visibility Into Your Business Operations

When your payment system isn’t integrated, you can end up spending a lot of time and energy figuring out where your money is going, and why it’s going there. You may be subject to long periods of time for invoice payments, and delays in assessing current cash flow status. By integrating payment processing that leverages Sync2Pay, you can determine how much money you have available at the end of each business day, because you’ll have access to current reports, which can help you efficiently manage payroll and inventory, pay vendors, and make better, more informed business decisions. With Sync2Pay, you’ll have a better perspective of your business, and can gain more financial visibility and control.

Potential For Human Errors Increases

We all work carefully, but sometimes mistakes can happen, and adding them into the payment transaction process means that errors are likely to be made. The list of errors may include duplicate data entries, incorrect data entries, or even data entries being applied to the wrong account. This can lead to lost time trying to locate errors. However, with Sync2Pay, you can eliminate these entry errors, and be confident that accounts are accurate. You’ll also be able to provide more convenience for your customers, and have higher savings.

If you don’t have the ability to integrate payments into your CRM, ERP, or eCommerce system, you could be at a distinct competitive disadvantage. Fortunately, the technology to make it happen – Commercient Sync2Pay – is affordable, easy-to-use, and is only a click away. You can also contact us here.