3 Must-Have Apps To Integrate With Your ERP System

The step to make better and more-efficient decisions, collaborate more effectively, improve productivity, and shorten time to market can be as simple as integrating your current ERP system with your CRM. In fact, by integrating your ERP system with all your other business applications, you’ll be able to take your business to new heights. To help you, we’ve compiled three must-have apps to integrate with your ERP system.


If you want to boost productivity and streamline your business processes, you should integrate your ERP system with your CRM. If your accounting and sales systems have their own databases, you will quickly learn the benefits of keeping them synchronized.

With an integration via the Commercient SYNC app, you can ensure that your ERP and CRM will be able to read data from the other, meaning updates in either system are visible instantaneously. You’ll have a 360-degree view into your customers’ needs, buying habits, order history, preferences, account standing, and much more. Your employees, including sales and customer service, will also have access to the information they need, exactly when they need it.


We also recommend integrating your ERP system with your eCommerce system, such as Magento. Proper integration enables a two-way exchange of information between the two systems, meaning data needs to be entered into the system only once

By combining your ERP with Magento via Commercient SYNC ensures that your eCommerce system runs seamlessly while improving the communication between your sales teams and back-office functions. Supported ERPs include Sage, SYSPRO, QuickBooks Online, and TRAVERSE.

For example, the Commercient SYNC for ERP and Magento app takes product and customer data from Sage and combines it in an easy-to-understand format within Magento. It also provides business-critical insights on how your store is performing, your stock levels, resources, and customer orders. This offers a better experience for the customers shopping in your store, and allows your business to get the best out of its eCommerce system.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective means of communication that helps lead nurturing and qualification. It’s ideal to have your email marketing system work in-sync with your ERP. Using IoT Pulse, you can integrate your ERP system with over 815 apps, including Gmail, and send out emails instantly when customers input a new order or generate a new invoice.

IoT Pulse also integrates your ERP with MailChimp so you can send new product information to all your customers, and other marketing information. You can also automate tasks between Acumatica and MailPlatform or Sage Live and Direct Mail.

For a complete list of all the apps that you can integrate with your ERP system using IoT Pulse, check out our IoT Pulse integrations page.

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