3 Important ERP To CRM Integration Points

Over the course of the blog this month, we’ve answered a handful of questions about ERP to CRM integration. We even talked about syncing your data to specific CRMs. But what if you haven’t figured out where you’re going to be syncing your data? That’s what this blog post is for.

Knowing the integration points your business needs before an integration is important to the success of your project. Synchronized ERP and CRM data help your team avoid duplicate entries, missed contacts, and lost clients.  Read on to discover three important ERP to CRM integration points you should be considering.

Customer Summary
A huge benefit of integrating CRM and ERP software is the 360° view of your customer it provides. From contracts and accounts receivable to basic ID information and shipment history, your sales team will benefit from getting to know your customers better than ever before.

Invoice History
Keeping an updated and accurate record of your invoice history from within your ERP and CRM software will serve as a valuable resource of data which you can use to predict demand and track sales throughout the year. This means that your inventory is always lean and efficient.

Quote Management
Do you currently quote within your ERP or CRM? If you integrate the two together, you entire team will be able to access quote information and plan around expected supply and demand. Integrating ERP software and CRM software is the answer to improving efficiency within your business.

Of course, we could make this list a mile long if we really wanted to. And even though these three things are important ERP to CRM integration points, it all comes down to how important integration between ERP software and CRM software is to you.

Once you’ve established this, then it’s time to figure out which integration points are most important to your business. Customer Summary? Invoice History? Quote Management? Field Service Work? Returns? See, the list just keeps going.

For help with your next ERP data integration project, contact one of Commercient’s integration experts today!