3 Facts You Should Know About Acumatica’s Newest Certified App

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Are you deciding whether you should leverage Commercient SYNC to integrate your Acumatica and CRM systems? Well, good news! We’ve got three things that will blow your mind about our integration platform, and will help you make the best decision for your business.

Surprising Fact #1: It’s The #1 Sales Integration Platform

Did you know that Commercient SYNC is the number-one Sales Integration Cloud Platform specializing in ERP and CRM integration? Trusted by the world’s best, we provide the fastest, simplest, and most flexible solutions to your data integration needs. In fact, our SYNC integration has grown to over 65 systems, including Acumatica, Sage, QuickBooks, Epicor, SAP, and many others.

SYNC allows your business to synchronize your ERP and CRM data in real-time, whenever you want, in a safe and secure environment – in the cloud. Oh, and there is no custom coding or mapping to manage on your end, and it’s easy to use. What’s more is that with SYNC, you can be up and running quickly. Traditional ETL tools can take months or years to implement.

Furthermore, our customers are loving every bit of what SYNC has to offer. Parry Wang of StemCyte says, “With [Commercient] SYNC, our salespeople can see the customer information and accounting records, all together. That cut a huge part of the sales process for existing customers.” Check out more of what our customers are saying on our homepage.

Surprising Fact #2: It’s Recognized As An Acumatica-Certified Application (ACA)

In addition to being the number one integration cloud platform specializing in ERP and CRM integration, Commercient SYNC has also been recognized as the only integration app to receive an Acumatica-Certified Application (ACA) designation. To receive it, Commercient has demonstrated commitment to quality by passing the Acumatica software test, and aligning to future Acumatica roadmap releases. The ACA title itself recognizes outstanding development partners whose applications have met the highest standards set for Acumatica integration and functionality.

Christian Lindberg, Vice President of Partner Solutions at Acumatica says, “Our ACA label is built to help customers find applications capable of delivering that. We’re proud to recognize Commercient SYNC as an Acumatica-Certified Application. It masterfully utilizes the Acumatica platform to meet customers’ growing business demands.”

While Acumatica is a full-featured, browser-based Cloud ERP solution that brings together all the critical information of your business operations, implementing Commercient SYNC creates a simple data integration pathway between Acumatica and your CRM. Check out all our SYNC integrations for Acumatica here.

Surprising Fact #3: It’s The Only Certified Solution For Integration Recognized By Both Acumatica and Salesforce.

Did you also know that Commercient SYNC is the only certified solution for integration recognized by both Acumatica and Salesforce? Yes. As Richard Jenkins, co-founder of Commercient said, “We look forward to providing Acumatica and Salesforce consulting partners an end-to-end solution on Commercient’s Platform. Check out our SYNC Integration for Acumatica and Salesforce here. It’s a great way to streamline your operations while improving the communication between your front and back office teams.

Are ready to leverage Commercient SYNC now? Talk to one of our Account Executives today.