3 Essential Integrations For CRM Success

With companies wanting to improve productivity and ensure consistency in customer engagement, it’s no surprise that businesses now are moving towards third-party API integrations. They allow businesses to develop custom applications that connect directly to their third-party software so that they can add features or improve upon business processes.

It means that you can add considerable value to your CRM (Customer Resource Management) and greatly improve the user experience by integrating it with other relevant third-party apps, including ERP, eCommerce, and collaboration tools. In fact, here are 3 essential integrations for CRM Success.

Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP and CRM are like first cousins. Although they are separate systems, it’s almost as if they cannot function effectively without it each other. Since both accounting and sales systems include extensive storage of data, and integrating them saves time on duplicated data entry and standardizes rules for permissions and data management.

Additionally, employees using ERP will be able to see in real-time orders coming through from sales reps using the CRM software. By integrating your CRM and ERP, they will also be able to see all the details for one account in one location, rather than having to look at the same account in the two different systems.

At Commercient we offer SYNC, the #1 platform for sales data, with both one-way and two-way integration designed to connect both your ERP and CRM data together, creating one master system for easy data access. See for yourself.

Some of the more than 85 ERPs we support include SYSPRO, Sage products, QuickBooks, TRAVERSE, Xero, Acumatica, and many others. Integrating your accounting and sales systems will allow your sales and marketing teams, accounting, and customer service to quickly and easily know the state of their customers, current, pending and past orders, invoicing, and much more.

And, by maintaining important business data in one location, you will observe a reduction in redundant and miscalculated data. This allows you to download and analyze data quicker and easier for reports, and will put your sales, marketing and accounting teams on the same page so that they can focus on the same goals and communicate effectively – it will help you cut costs, improve sales and grow your business.

In addition to Commercient SYNC, we also offer our IoT Pulse app. It allows you to connect you ERP to the Internet and over 815 other third-party applications, including CRM, marketing automations, time card apps, calendar and communication software, and many more. See all the apps you can integrate with your ERP system on our IoT Pulse page.

A proper data integration can lead to tremendous CRM success.


Connecting your CRM to eCommerce system is also essential for CRM success. When customers call your support desk, they expect that you already know who they are and the recent transactions they have had with the organization. This is only possible when various departments using different applications have access to same data.

When integrating your CRM and with an eCommerce system like Magento and Shopify, your team can work solely within one application and drive customer satisfaction. You’ll be able to include invoicing, sales quotes, expense claims, and order forms with your contact and organization data without needing to switch screens.

Moreover, with that important data centralized, you can run targeted and personalized marketing and promotional campaigns, which are bound to be more effective and drive sales to your business.

Commercient SYNC connects Magento and Magento 2 to your ERP, such as SYSPRO, Sage products, QuickBooks and more, and you can find out more here. Another integration between your sales and marketing systems can lead to CRM success.


If you have remote employees, you’ll definitely do well by integrating your CRM with collaboration tools. Many collaborative tools like Slack, Asana, and HipChat will integrate with you CRM for additional features, like real-time notifications, opportunity management, and so much more.

Ready to integrate your CRM with all your third-party business applications? Start connecting all your apps today with our Commercient SYNC, IoT Pulse and SYNC for ERPs to Magento. We’re here to help you move forward.

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