3 Changes To Your Business That Your Employees Will Love

Employees are the life of a business, which is why it’s important for companies to make sure their employees are happy. Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, which controls more than 400 companies, once wrote, “No matter your industry, your employees are your company’s real competitive advantage. They’re the ones making the magic happen – so long as their needs are being met.”

So, what is your business doing to meet your employees needs? To help you, here are three changes to your business that your employees will absolutely love.

When you Leverage Tools that will Make Their Jobs Much Easier

There are many technologies that can help increase your workplace productivity, and refusing to upgrade and leverage that new tech can be seen as huge mistake for any business.

Today technologies like CRM, ERP, and Commercient SYNC, which allows you to seamlessly integrate your sales, accounting and marketing systems, can help you reduce the need for strenuous activities such as double data entry. It can create a more efficient and productive workplace.

These tools will allow your employees more time to focus on more pressing job duties, and automate the rest, giving you the ability to enhance employee productivity and eliminate unnecessary, time-consuming tasks – your employees will love you for it.

When you Integrate all your Business Apps

The use of multiple applications to manage different functions of a business has become commonplace. How many business apps are you currently deploying? Even a single small business may use a dozen or more different applications developed in-house or purchased from third-party vendors to manage different functions, like customer relationship management, service desk, and more.

When the applications used to manage these functions are operating in silos, it can take extra time to fulfill clients’ orders, or respond to their enquiries and complaints. Therefore you need a way to integrate your apps, so you and your employees can be more efficient, and better serve your customers.

Commercient IoT Pulse can help you achieve the goal of unifying those disparate systems to achieve efficiency across the business and its infrastructure. IoT Pulse provides you with connectivity from your accounting software (ERP) to more than 815 Apps, including MailChimp, Slack, marketing apps, Gmail, time card apps, WordPress, etc.

It allows you and your employees to automate tasks, like sending out emails instantly when customers input a new order or generate a new invoice and provides integration with MailChimp so that you can send new product information to all your customers. It’s great way to motivate your employees by making their jobs that much easier.

When You Give Your Employees Flexibility

Another change you can make that your employees will love is by allowing them to have flexible work schedules. You could allow them to work in locations they find to be more comfortable, such as their homes, and allow them to be more flexible in their work hours. This gives them the flexibility to meet family needs, personal obligations, and life responsibilities conveniently— all of which can help to increase employee productivity.

Thankfully, mobile devices and cloud-based applications like Asana, Slack, Commercient SYNC, and IoT Pulse enable your employees to collaborate and stay on the same page as well as carry out their daily tasks no matter where they may be. Making this change, we’re sure your employees will love their jobs even more.

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