Sage 100 ERP And Salesforce SYNC

Simplify how you manage your Sage 100 ERP and Salesforce data with Commercient SYNC.

We built an app for Sage 100 ERP (Sage MAS 90) users that improves back office visibility and helps sales teams achieve results. Using SYNC, you can manage more than just accounts and give your team the visibility they need into your Sage 100 ERP system from your Salesforce CRM system.

Experience unparalleled visibility in Salesforce with our affordable SYNC app.

Integrating Sage 100 with Salesforce provides you with a go-to single user interface where data is gathered and delivered in real-time to the people who need it most. Commercient’s SYNC app can integrate your Sage 100 (MAS 90) data with Salesforce in under an hour and provide you with direct benefits such as:

Reduced IT costs: When there’s just one system to maintain instead of two your IT support costs will drop significantly. We help you cut costs, drive profitability and quickly achieve results.

Elimination of duplicate data entry: The SYNC app removes the duplication of data entry between Sage 100 (MAS 90) and Salesforce, and provides you with a clean, 360° view of your accounts and prospect information.

Improved productivity levels: Sales team productivity increases when you sync your Sage software with Salesforce because sales reps can access, view, and even order anything they need from the CRM database you’ve created.

Could you benefit from syncing Sage 100 ERP with Salesforce CRM?


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