SYNC for SYSPRO and Magento


Have the best of both worlds. 

Integrating your SYSPRO ERP with Magento makes sure that your business runs seamlessly while giving your sales and customer service teams the ability to see essential back-office operations.

Behind the scenes, SYSPRO is busy scheduling work orders, controlling inventory and resources, monitoring performance, improving QA and invoicing your customers.

Meanwhile, your sales and customer service teams can provide informed, real-time feedback via Magento. SYNC allows them to check the status and progress of SYSPRO jobs, any material requirements, customer records, inventory availability, and accounting information. Sales can also close new business and automatically convert a new sale to SYSPRO as a Sales Order, a Job, or a new product with a BOM.

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Why Use SYNC for SYSPRO and Magento? 

We’ve created a unique data integration app for SYSPRO and Magento that will allow each of your customers within your SYSPRO account to login to your synced Magento shopping cart and place their orders individually. Your customers will have the ability to pick and choose which products they add to their cart, search by product category, and have products shipped to their chosen default address.

This eliminates the need for a salesperson to place orders on behalf of the customer, simplifying and customizing the process to meet the specific needs of everyone. Commercient’s SYNC for SYSPRO and Magento enhances the digital shopping experience for your customers and helps you boost your revenue.

Compatible Software

Software SYNC for SYSPRO and Magento Is Compatible With

Commercient’s SYNC app is available for SYSPRO 6.1, SYSPRO 7, and SYSPRO 7 Update 1. SYNC is compatible with Magento 1.5 through 1.9, and Magento Community Edition.


For $99/month you get the following items synced from your ERP to Magento:

  • Customers and their addresses
  • Products
  • Inventory levels
  • Price level(s)
Payments Solution

ACH Payments Solution Add-On

Do you need an ACH payments solution to complete your ERP and CRM integration? We’ve partnered with Sage Payments to provide you with the ACH service you’re looking for.

If you want the ability to take quicker payments in your ERP, CRM, or eCommerce system, would like to experience less fraud, and provide more convenience for your customers you can download the PDF below or contact us now to learn more.

PDF Download: Payments SYNC Add-On Solution


With your SYNC purchase, you will receive a physical media CD and a quick start guide to help you through your implementation process.

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“Commercient’s solution works as advertised, I buy a lot of software, I have a lot of projects, and I deal with a lot of vendors, and so far Commercient’s SYNC has responded on every aspect, there’s no issue I can think of where it hasn’t worked like I thought it would.”

– Gene Horlander

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