Sync2Pay for Salesforce


Easily Accept Payments in Salesforce

Do you need a credit card solution to complete your ERP and Salesforce integration? Commercient offers a payment processing solution to provide you with the credit card service inside CRM and ERP you’re looking for.

If you want the ability to take quicker payments in your ERP, CRM or eCommerce system, would like to experience less fraud, and provide more convenience for your customers, contact us for more information about integrating a payments solution with Salesforce.


Experience a Complete Payments Integration

Commercient’s Salesforce CRM Sync2Pay solution enables you to process payments against invoices, orders, and customers from any software package, in the cloud or on premise.

Payments is only one part of the transaction process. If you are transacting sales through your ERP, CRM, or eCommerce system, the ability to accept and integrate payments across systems is helpful. At Commercient, we provide you with the ability to integrate as lightly or as in depth as you wish.

What We SYNC

Standard Payments Integration

Commercient can help you sync payments from multiple Points of Sale (POS) and allows accountants to get the full reconciliation in the accounting ERPs bank reconciliation sub ledgers, accounts or the General Ledger (GL). Commercient’s integration solution captures payments from all systems where electronic payments may occur or where you choose to create a point of sale.

A few examples of customer facing payment solutions include:

  • Opportunity objects in Salesforce
  • Order objects in Salesforce
  • Account objects in Salesforce
  • Custom objects in Salesforce
  • Case objects in Salesforce
  • Standard objects in Salesforce
  • Salesforce Portals for customers and partners

60+ ERP’s Compatible

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“Commercient’s solution works as advertised, I buy a lot of software, I have a lot of projects, and I deal with a lot of vendors, and so far Commercient’s SYNC has responded on every aspect, there’s no issue I can think of where it hasn’t worked like I thought it would.”

– Gene Horlander

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