Sage CRM Data Migration to Salesforce


Integration Made Easy

In the past, one of the motivating factors for selecting Sage CRM instead of Salesforce was the integration available between Sage CRM and Sage ERP products.

On May 12, 2015 Sage and Salesforce announced a global strategic partnership. As part of that partnership, Sage built a new application called Sage Live on the Salesforce1 platform. This signaled the beginning of a shift to the Salesforce platform by Sage, which has provided further incentive for Sage CRM customers to consider making the switch to Salesforce.

How It Works

Integrating from Sage CRM to Salesforce 

Migrating your data from Sage CRM to Salesforce can be incredibly complex when Sage CRM is highly customized. Automation doesn’t always provide the full data migration that you need.

Our team of experts have experience converting Sage CRM data to Salesforce. We offer consulting services whereby we examine your existing data and provide you with the fully-packaged application best suited for migrating your data—such as Commercient SYNC.

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“Commercient’s solution works as advertised, I buy a lot of software, I have a lot of projects, and I deal with a lot of vendors, and so far Commercient’s SYNC has responded on every aspect, there’s no issue I can think of where it hasn’t worked like I thought it would.”

– Gene Horlander

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